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Craps is a dice game where player’s use a pair of dice to make wagers on the outcome of the roll or a series of rolls. Player’s have the opportunity to wager against each other which are called ‘Street Craps’, ‘Shooting Craps’ or even ‘Rolling Dice’ whereas wagering against the bank is called ‘Casino Craps’, ‘Table Craps’ or just simply ‘Craps’.

Craps Rules

A player’s odds are calculated based on the two dice used in the game of Craps and each dice has six numbers ranging from one to six. Using two dice to play the game, there are 11 different numbers ranging from 2 to 12 that can land when you rolled. Keep in mind that some numbers can come up more than others and there are actually 36 different combinations from the 11 numbers which can be rolled. The number 7 can be rolled the most times in the game with 6 different ways to roll using your two dice.crapstable

There are around forty different wagers one can place in the game of craps. However, most bets have lousy odds that should be avoided at first or when you are new to the game. A player needs to place a wager on the “Pass line” or “Don’t pass line” section. Craps has different rounds and having a bet on Pass line or Don’t pass line will determine the outcome of a specific round.

Each round consists of 2 phases which are called Come-Out and Point. Starting a round, a shooter makes 1 or more Come-out rolls. A roll of two, three or twelve is referred to as Craps or and if you wagered with a Pass line bet you lose. A Come Out roll of seven or eleven is considered a natural and this sees the Pass line bet win. Point numbers are 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10 and should a shooter roll one of the numbers during the “Come Out” roll it will establish the Point. The “Point number” has to again be rolled before a 7 is rolled. The dealer then flips the button to the “On side” and will then move that button to the point number to identify the next round of betting.

Getting started

All you need to understand at first is the basic Pass line bet. The Pass line bet works as follows: An example of this is if another shooter will roll and get a 2 and 4. This would total 6 which will be referred to as the “Point”. The dealer will then place a marker on the #6 on the craps table. The player will then need to roll a 6 prior to rolling a seven. Should the shooter roll a 6, the Pass line wager wins and that player then shall again throw out another roll. This will be considered as a new come-out roll and the same will apply as the 1st time the player rolled the dice. Should the shooter roll a 7 before he rolls a 6, the Pass-line bet losses and then the player next in line shall take over.

Odds bet can also be placed after the Point has been established allowing the player to make an extra bet behind the pass-line bet.

Note that this is the only wager that doesn’t have a edge for the house and is paid with real odds. Odds bet pay out as follows: Should the point be 4 or 10, the player will receive 2 to 1. Should the point be 5 or 9, the player will receive 3 to 1 and should the point be 6 or 8, the player will receive 6 to 5. Pass line bets are the easiest way to start enjoying this exciting game and to learn everything there is to know about Craps while you are only starting out.

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