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With the advances of modern technology and an ever-growing number of pokies players, there is an increasing demand for pokies machines to develop, integrate and improve. This means that themes, design, features and bonus games are ever changing, making the possibilities on offer more attractive and in line with modern trends.

However, the improvements don’t stop there. The types of opportunities and gunsslotcombinations on offer are also in constant flux, making the games and strategies ever more complex. As the world becomes more technologically aware, pokies players require increasingly more satisfying experience at the machines.
One of the latest pokies fron Netent is Guns and Roses, and has become a huge success across many casinos.

Below is a list of 5 casinos that list all of the different types of pokies machine that we have written about below and more!

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Why it is important to know the types of Pokies

Like with any other game, if you don?t know the rules, you can?t perform at your best. If you are completely sure of how to play your chosen pokies, you are going to get the best possible playing experience. With all the changes, it may seem almost impossible to keep up. However, there are several key features and categories which these pokies fall into. Some of the pokies machines cross over into more than one category, but if you can memorise the various meaning of each type of pokies machine, you will be able to select and play more confidently.

Pokies Machine Types

Three Reel: This is the most traditional and simple form of pokie which is made up of three reels. All three reels spin with each play and payouts are made on the centre line.

Five Reel: A variation of the traditional pokie, this increases the number of reels to five. All five reels spin with each play and payouts are made on the centre line.

Multi-Line: This pokie machine pays on several different line combinations which can include top, bottom and diagonal lines. The Multi-Line game may offer payout on other combinations also, such as a set number of the same visible in any position across the reels. Each line or extra combination is counted as one bet. So if a player wants to play 24 lines, then he/she must place 24 bets in that spin.

Multiplier: This style allows  to bet more than one coin at a time. It takes into consideration the amount that the player has bet and uses this to make sure the payout amount corresponds directly to the amount they bet. For instance, if a person hits a winning combination when playing 5 times the minimum bet, they would win five times the standard payout amount.

Bonus Multiplier: This is a type of multiplier machine (see above) which, in addition to allowing a player’s winnings to match their betting proportionally, also offers additional ways to win for the cost of an extra bet.

Progressive: This is where a series of machines are linked so there are multiple people playing at any one time. When any player places a bet, part of that bet is added into the Progressive jackpot. These are the highest paying machines available as the linked format enables the jackpot to grow more quickly. To win the jackpot amount, a player must hit the specified combination shown on that machine. Due to the nature of Progressive Jackpots, this type of pokies machine is not available in play money.

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