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prizeAs with all casino games, pokie tournaments are a game of chance and so, despite what you may be told, there are no set strategies that you can follow to make sure you win. However, you can maximize your potential and minimize distraction to make sure that you?re at your best when you compete. This will make sure that you get more fun from your pokie tournament and help to prevent you from walking away disappointed.

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Get your pokies tournament information correct

It may seem like obvious advice, but many players have entered into pokie tournaments not quite understanding the rules properly and, as a result, have walked away both empty handed and frustrated. Pokies tournament all follow the same basic concept of paying a single fee which buys a player a specific amount of credits which need to be used within a set amount of time on a designated slot machine. However, each casino will also have its own rules regarding start times, entrance fees, number of players, amount of people paid and criteria for winning. It is up to you as a slot tournament entrant to make sure that you are completely aware of all the specifications so that you get the most out of your game.

Play in some pokies tournaments right now!

Pokies tournament mistakes to avoid

A major mistake that players often make is to not take notice of their start time or machine number. Casinos are very strict with this because, due to the number of people competing, if people don’t turn up on time the tournament could be completely disrupted. Casinos are under no obligation to give you your buy-in  back if you don;t turn up to compete in the tournament.

Another major mistake to avoid is not taking notice of how the scoring system works. Sometimes players try to hang on to some of their starting credits, but these do not usually count towards your final score for the tournament leader board. Other players don’t take account of the time limit and, as a result, don’t use up all their credits and put themselves at a disadvantage. After all, the only way you can up your leader board score in a tournament is to be spinning the reels.

Pokies tournament skills you will need

Because of the nature of tournaments, speed and concentration do play a part in a player’s success. While competing, you need to use up your credits during a set amount of time. If you do not pay attention and leave yourself with unused credits, then you’ve created a disadvantage for yourself because you’ve had less spins than the other players. Be aware that when you hit winning combinations, the slot machine won’t allow you to spin again until all the credits have been counted up. If you a big winning combination then it can take a few seconds to complete; be prepared to factor this into your game. Using up your credits early is not a problem. In fact, it puts you at an advantage over those who are cautious and don’t use their pokies tournament credits in the given amount of time. So stays focused and push those buttons for the better chance to win the prize money and the title.

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